Thank you for visiting my Malibu real estate website. Here you will find comprehensive data to guide you in making important and informed decisions about Malibu and its many diverse lifestyle communities. Malibu is a unique coastal city with pristine beaches, mountains and canyons. With 27 miles of coastline in Los Angeles County starting just north of Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades to the Ventura County line, Malibu offers a wide variety of residential choices, such as:
Beachfront or Bluff:
  • County Line
  • Encinal Bluffs
  • Broad Beach
  • Paradise Cove
  • Escondido Beach


  • Latigo Shore Beach
  • Malibu Cove Colony
  • Malibu Road
  • Malibu Colony
  • Carbon Beach


  • La Costa Beach
  • Las Flores Beach
  • Big Rock Beach
  • Las Tunas Beach
  • Topanga Beach
Off the Beach:
  • Malibu Park
  • Point Dume
  • Winding Way
  • Sycamore Park


  • Malibu Country Estates
  • Malibu Knolls
  • Monte Nido
  • Malibu West


  • Serra Retreat
  • La Costa Hills
  • Big Rock
  • Sunset Mesa
Mountain and Canyon:
  • Encinal Canyon
  • Decker Canyon
  • Trancas
  • Bonsall


  • Kanan
  • Latigo Canyon
  • Corral Canyon
  • Malibu Canyon


  • Sweetwater Canyon
  • Carbon Canyon
  • Las Flores Canyon
  • Rambla Pacifico Canyon

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